About us

Thank you for your interest in Majik Sawce!

Majik Sawce was born in May 2015 when I started to DIY my own E-Juice and came up with a couple of crazy recipes. First was the Majik Does Bawston which turned out to be a killer Boston Cream Cheesecake. Next was the Majik Skitz which was a tough one because it stung at first. But I was determined to smooth it out because it is my favorite candy. It turned out amazing and by far one of the customer favorites.

When my friends and I went shop hopping a few times, many people sampled what I had come up with and said “when are you selling this?”. BOOM. Majik Sawce was born right out of customer feedback.

I make the juice is because I enjoy getting feedback like: “Holy S%^t that’s good” or “My new all day vape bro”. These reactions and joy from my product give me true drive to make it the best!


Majik Sawce is a very young and growing company with currently one jack of all trades running everything! So please bear with me, and I will make sure your juice is shipped as soon as possible after your order.

Once again, thank you for your interests in Majik Sawce and I hope you enjoy the killer flavors!! Stay tuned to the FACEBOOK page for announcements, coupons, and news news news!!